There are four things you can do with your money.
You can spend it, leave it idle and watch its value shrink, deposit it or invest it. What to do? We at Financial Planning Services would advise prudence as to the first option, warn strongly against the second, recommend the third and fourth.

Bank deposits are all very well, but history shows they are not. You receive a fixed rate of interest (currently at record low levels). Your capital remains static and, logically, its purchasing power and that of the interest earned will fall because of inflation. By how much?

Divide 72 by the rate of inflation and you come up with the number of years it will take for your capital to reduce by half. This seemingly enigmatic formula is known as the Capital Half-Life concept.

Investing in Bonds, Shares, Unit Trusts or Alternative Investments, on the other hand, does mean that the value of your investment will fluctuate. In this case, history shows that, save the sort of financial tsunami recently experienced across the world, its value will keep ahead of inflation and grow.

Investment is a matter of timing. There is a time when you want to be “in the market” and a time when you want to be “on deposit”. Timing is the thing.

That is where Financial Planning Services comes in. We have the time, a deep knowledge of the money markets, the many decades of experience and world-wide resources of information and connections to look after your money for you to get on with your active or retired life.

As important, we have the professional know-how to combine your investment needs into a coherent whole. From this we construct a portfolio based on your needs and risk profile. See Risk and Reward section.

Should your needs change we are only a phone call away to discuss them and to adjust your portfolio accordingly.
And contact is direct – you to us. None of the “Press 1 for this, Press 2 for that” frustration.
You speak to a human voice every time.

Financial Planning Services Limited is licensed to conduct Investment Services and Insurance Broking business by the Malta Financial Services Authority