Your money could run out before you do!

Don’t you spend more money on weekends? Did you ever stop to think that retirement is a seven-day weekend?

When you think ahead to retirement, where do you picture yourself?

On the sun-drenched deck of a luxury cruise liner

Or on the sandy beach of some faraway island

Maybe on the green fairways of a golf course

Wherever you see yourself spending your time in retirement, one thing is certain – you will need financial means to enjoy the surroundings.

A comfortable retirement needs so little – but it needs that little so much. With longer life expectancies, unless you plan, you may last longer than your money. And do you know the difference between an old man and a retired gentleman? It’s spelt C-A-S-H.

Most people spend more time planning a party or their holidays than planning for their future financial security.

You can begin building that security today.

And we at Financial Planning would like to help you get started.

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