At Financial Planning Services we believe that life insurance is the cornerstone of all financial planning. There is a simple, logical reason for this belief.

Whatever the demographic reviews and the life expectancy tables say, there is always, eventually, one death per person.

We start off from the basis that when a breadwinner dies the family’s lifestyle needs to be protected. Life insurance guarantees a debt-free house to the widow and children, not a mortgage that still needs to be repaid.

At Financial Planning, at the stroke of a pen we can create, virtually overnight, cash which did not exist the previous day.

This cash guarantees a widow’s dignity. Life insurance gives her a choice between working because she wants to, or because she has to. It means food in the fridge, a full Christmas stocking and the family’s right to, at least, the continuation of the lifestyle to which they have become accustomed.

At Financial Planning we believe that no debt should last longer than the person who created it. With the right choice of life insurance, we guarantee to eliminate debt at death.

At Financial Planning we believe that if you had a cash machine which paid out, say, €2,000 or €3,000 or more per month, you would insure it for its replacement value. You are that money-making machine, and the monthly payment is your salary. If you stop, it stops. That’s why it is vital for your earning capacity to be insured. By applying the Human Life Value Concept, we help you establish the correct amount of life insurance cover needed to replace the money machine.

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