Once your children have flown the nest a great financial burden would be lifted from your shoulders.

Three changes occur in the life of a family whose parents have been through the financial burden of bringing up children. The first is that the financial burden of seeing your children through school and post-secondary education, academic or vocational, has lifted.

The second is that retirement looms.

You are in the happy situation where career advancement means that you are reaching your peak earning years, at a time when your family financial commitments have been reduced substantially.

This is when the third change is likely to happen.

Your disposable income grows exponentially. Now is the right time to effectively plan for a continuation – or improvement – of your lifestyle in retirement.

You are now at that time of life when you must seriously consider and re-consider, if necessary, your plans for a continuation, or improvement, of your lifestyle – and your partner’s – when you reach the last stage of your life – retirement.