In the many decades of our existence we have attracted a clientele made up of all ages and from various walks of life – in short, made up of people like You.

Our primary objective has always been, is, and remains to work closely with you to best discover and cater for your concerns, your ambitions, your financial needs and your plans for your future.

At Financial Planning Services our sole interest is giving you the advice that you need. This means placing you at the centre of any financial planning programme.

We do not represent any bank, any fund management company or any investment institution; only you.

We commit ourselves to provide you with values based advice that is independent and impartial, backed by many decades of experience in the field.

We tailor our financial advice to comfortably fit your particular situation.

We select products, or financial tools, and offer them to you in a way that contributes to the achievement of your goals, in the changing stations of your life situation – and concentrate our attention on the financial security you require after a thorough examination of your needs.