Launch Period: Monday 4th September till Wednesday 6th September 2017

  • To be eligible, applicants have to be born in 1955 or earlier.
  • The bond will pay 3% interest per annum and will run for 5 years, maturing on 13th September 2022.
  • 62+ MGSB Application Form FV Interest will be paid twice a year and is eligible for 15% Final Withholding Tax.
  • The minimum investment is Eur500 and the maximum is Eur10,000 increasing in multiples of Eur100.
  • The Bond will be issued at par.
  • Applications in joint names will not be accepted.
  • The bond will NOT be tradeable. 
  • If a person wants to surrender the bond, he/she will lose 90 days’ interest.
  • In certified cases of ill health the Treasury may allow a penalty free surrender on a case by case basis.
  • In case a person passes away, the Treasury will pay out the lump sum to the heirs.
  • A copy of each applicant’s ID card is required with the application.

Download Application Form

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To Apply: kindly complete and return the form to us with your payment made payable to The Accountant General immediately. The issue may close early if oversubscribed.

May we again remind you that this bond will NOT tradeable and early redemption is subject to deduction of 90 days’ interest.

This circular in no way implies that this stock-broking firm has any official appointment by the Treasury other than as selling agent.

This circular is issued for information purposes only and should not be construed as advice.